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Usb 2.0 Cat.5 Extender 50M,

par Lindy
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The Lindy USB 2.0 Cat.6 Extender can be used to extend the distance between a USB peripheral device and the host computer by up to 50m.

A standard, low cost Cat.5e/6 network cable (not included) is used to bridge the connection between the transmitter and the receiver unit. For best performance and compatibility, we recommend the use of solid core patched cables.

The Extender features Power over Cable, which requires a single power supply only to be connected to the transmitter unit. This handy feature allows the receiver unit and connected devices to be located more freely as no power supply is required.

With robust metal housing and integrated mounting brackets this Extender is the ideal solution for industrial environments.
UGC W128371153
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Name: Usb 2.0 Cat.5 Extender 50M,

MPN: 42680

EAN: 4002888426800

Brand: Lindy


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