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Kingston Ram Fury Impact - 16 Gb - Ddr5-6400 So-Dimm Cl38

par Kingston
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Your notebook or small-form-factor machine can now experience the latest, cutting-edge memory technology with Kingston FURY™ Impact DDR5. With Intel® XMP 3.0 Certified SODIMM kit capacities of up to 64GB, Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 packs all the enhanced features of DDR5 into a slim, compact form factor. On Plug N Play* enabled modules, Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 automatically overclocks, giving your system a boost in performance without having to enable a profile. Modules featuring XMP 3.0 profiles can overclock to the highest frequency published, up to 6400MT/s, by selecting the profile in BIOS settings.

Mighty DDR5 SODIMM performance
With a starting speed of 4800MT/s, DDR5 is 50% faster than DDR4 for a boost in gaming, rendering, and multitasking.

Plug N Play automatic overclocking functionality*
Kingston FURY Impact DDR5’s PnP modules automatically overclock to the highest listed speed.

Intel® XMP 3.0 Certified
Maximise memory performance with advanced pre-optimised timings, speed and voltage for overclocking.

Low Power Consumption, Increased efficiency
Keep your system cool and efficient with Kingston FURY Impact DDR5’s low power draw.

Improved stability with on-die ECC
Maintain data integrity while hitting overclocking speeds.
UGC 208566
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Name: Kingston Ram Fury Impact - 16 Gb - Ddr5-6400 So-Dimm Cl38

MPN: KF564S38IB-16

EAN: 0740617335750

Brand: Kingston


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