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Tp-Link Mc220l 1000M Rj45 To 1000M Sfp Slot

by TP-Link
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TP-Link MC220L 1000M RJ45 to 1000M SFP slot

Upgrade and enhance your networking capabilities with the TP-Link MC220L 1000M RJ45 to 1000M SFP slot. This versatile converter allows you to easily convert Ethernet signals from RJ45 ports to SFP slots, providing seamless compatibility and flexibility for your networking needs.

With the MC220L, you can extend your network connection over longer distances without sacrificing speed or reliability. The RJ45 to SFP conversion eliminates the limitations of traditional Ethernet cables, enabling you to connect devices in different locations without being hindered by cable length restrictions.

Featuring a 1000M RJ45 port and a 1000M SFP slot, this converter supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds, ensuring fast and stable data transmission. Whether you're connecting routers, switches, servers, or other network devices, the MC220L guarantees high-performance connectivity.

This TP-Link converter is easy to install and requires no configuration. Simply connect your RJ45 device to the converter's RJ45 port and insert an SFP module into the SFP slot. The MC220L will automatically recognize the connected device and optimize the connection for maximum efficiency.

In addition, this converter is built with advanced features to enhance your networking experience. It supports full-duplex and half-duplex operation modes, as well as auto-negotiation of duplex and speed. The MC220L also features a Link Fault Pass Through (LFP) function that helps in monitoring network connectivity and troubleshooting any link issues.

With its compact design and durable construction, the TP-Link MC220L 1000M RJ45 to 1000M SFP slot offers a reliable and convenient solution for expanding your network infrastructure. Upgrade your network today with this high-quality converter and experience seamless connectivity like never before.

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Name: Tp-Link Mc220l 1000M Rj45 To 1000M Sfp Slot


EAN: 6935364081294

Brand: TP-Link


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