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Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key, 5-Pack

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Brand: Kensington


  • ADVANCED FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY - Combining superior biometric performance and 360° readability with anti-spoofing protection, the VeriMark Fingerprint Key provides universal 2nd-factor authentication security to protect your data from cyber thieves
  • UNIVERSAL INTEGRATION - Provides scalable, out-of-the-box access for Windows computers and platforms, including biometric login for Windows Hello. Advanced security made simple so you can protect against unauthorised network access on compromised devices, while also reducing fraud and identity theft
  • FAST IDENTITY ONLINE & UNIVERSAL 2ND-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION CERTIFIED - Improving your experience in a two factor authentication world, the FIDO & U2F Certification ensures seamless interoperability and meets security key login requirements for cloud-based service and software providers, including Google, Dropbox, GitHub and Facebook
  • PASSWORD MANAGER COMPATIBILITY - Supports popular tools, like Dashlane, LastPass (Premium), Keeper (Premium) and Roboform, to allow the fingerprint to authenticate and automatically fill in usernames and passwords for websites
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Small and easy to carry, the VeriMark Fingerprint Key easily attaches to a standard keyring for convenient portability

Publisher: Kensington