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Kensington laptop Screen Privacy Filter

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  • HIDES PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION - from anyone looking from the side, by limiting the viewing angle to +/- 30°, supporting GDPR compliance
  • REDUCES GLARE & BLUE LIGHT - anti-reflective coating limits glare from outside light that interferes with viewing clarity, filters out rays by up to 42%, easing eye strain and reducing the chances of blue light interrupting natural sleep patterns
  • PROTECTS THE SCREEN - from scratches, damage and fingerprint traces, use the included cleaning cloth for regular maintenance
  • REVERSIBLE VIEWING - either side of the standard 17" privacy screen can be used to different effect. One side; a matte finish to maximize glare reduction and reduce traces of fingerprints. The other is glossy and provides a clearer view of the screen
  • TWO INSTALLATION OPTIONS - the edge to edge privacy screen can be mounted either with the included frameless tab holders that attach to a laptop, or mount it with double-sided tape that adheres directly to the screen for a cleaner look