Hauppauge WinTV Impact VCB Pal/Ntsc Video Digitizer

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Brand: Hauppauge


  • Video Capture Live Video Display Serialization. Video from any analogue source (composite or S-Video) can be captured as either still frame video images or motion video. Composite video inputs are provided as female RCA jacks, while S-Video uses a standard 4-pin DIN connector. Typical capture rates range from 15 to 30 fps depending on system configuration
  • Interface: PCI Composite video inputs: 3
  • S-Video inputs: 1 5V power output: none
  • Audio input: none Board height: Full Height
  • The digitizing of the analogue video signal is performed by hardware on the ImpactVCB, there by not slowing down the CPU. After video is digitized it is drawn by the ImpactVCB directly into the memory of the PC's Graphics card. This uses a feature of Windows called Direct Draw, and the ImpactVCB can be used with most Graphics cards which support Direct Draw 5 or higher.

Publisher: HAUPPAUGE